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  • How long will my extensions last?
    Barbiez Dollhouse uses only real Brazillian hair which can last for a long time with great care! You should have your hair stylist remove and reinstall your extensions every 1-3 months in order to prevent damage to your natural hair and scalp. How long you reuse your hair is up to personal preference, but we recommend getting all dolled up with a fresh set of extensions every 6-12 months.
  • Can I dye my extensions?
    Barbiez Dollhouse uses only real human hair, so in general you can treat your extensions the same way as you treat your natural hair. This means it can be styled, cut, and yes, you can dye it, doll! We recommend having your hair stylist do any color treatment you desire prior to installing your extensions. Color treatment can dry your extensions out, so it's extra important to keep them well-moisturized if you choose to dye them.
  • How should I care for my extensions?
    Keeping your hair extensions from drying out is the key to making them last a long time! Shampoo weekly with warm water (not hot!) Use a sulfate-free shampoo with moisturizing ingredients. Shampoos for color treated hair are usually sulfate-free, or you can read the packaging to select one that says "SFS Free". Choosing products that contain coconut oil or argan oil can help keep hair moisturized and soft. To detangle wet hair, apply conditioner and carefully use a wide-tooth comb. Never brush your extensions when wet! Allow to air dry. Minimizing heat styling will give your extensions their longest lifespan.
  • How much hair do I need?
    For a whole head installation, we recommend: 3 bundles of hair for lengths up to 18” 4 bundles of hair for lengths 20”-26” 5 bundles of hair for lengths 28” and above In addition, most customers choose to add a frontal or closure to finish their install for the most natural look.
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