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Are you a Doll that loves her hair long, glossy and oh so straight? This texture is for you! Now available in a stunning blonde, you can truly be a Malibu Barbie.


Choose from lengths ranging from 8” to 28”. 

Complete your install with our Malibu Barbie Straight Closures.

Number of Bundles needed for a full head:
Up to 18” 3 bundles | 20”-26” 4 bundles | 28” and above 5 bundles.

Malibu Barbie Straight

  • Keeping your hair extensions from drying out is the key to making them last a long time! 

    • Shampoo weekly with warm water (not hot!) 
    • Use a sulfate-free shampoo with moisturizing ingredients
    • To detangle wet hair, apply conditioner and carefully use a wide-tooth comb. Never brush your extensions when wet!
    • Allow to air dry 

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